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Did your Prius stop running?    or Have you had any of the icons/Symbols on?

$499 SPECIAL EXTENDED for 10 DAYS ONLY!!!     While Supplies Last
For 2004-2009 Prius $499 Installed with 1 Year 20,000 Mile Warranty
- Sale Ends 07/20/24
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We know it costs a fortune to repair the Hybrid battery from a dealer and unfortunately, it has been the only solution until now, even including 12V Auxiliary battery.

Don't give up your Prius yet!   Hybrid vehicles are designed to last a lot longer than Gasoline-powered counterparts under one condition; As long as battery is good.

We have complete solutions for your Prius for less than half of the cost of the dealer's.   We can repair your Hybrid battery, 12V Auxiliary Battery, Hybrid Inverter, Hybrid Transaxle/Transmission, Engine, and everything else in your car.   We can even provide you in-house financing for repair.

(Do you just want to get rid of your non-operating Prius? Let us know, we will buy if it is in acceptable condition.)

We have an On-Site Remote Service team travels to every state for the Prius battery services. We can provide service at your vehicle's location for as low as $49 or upto $299, which is cheaper than the cost of local towing in most areas.

There are now a few different companies are providing same services. Many people questioning why should we choose your company. Here is the answer. Click here.

Does your car have any of the following symbols turned on, even just occasionally?   We have the solution!

Master Warning
Your car is in non operating condition due to multiple possible causes.
Hybrid Battery
Main Hybrid traction battery failed.
Hybrid System
Your car is in may or may not be in an operable condition due to multiple possible causes.
Output Control
Hybrid battery is working with marginal peformance and it may fail at any time.

Here are the three main reasons you should consider repairing your Prius instead of trading in your valuable car.   Click on the numbers to below to find out why.

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Or, Click Here To Call or Text us 909-297-6727

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